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At Coureon we offer a solution
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We are connecting carriers worldwide to optimise the supply chain for cost-effectiveness and a better customer experience. For end customers the delivery experience is an important factor when it comes to the buying decision in an online shop. This is especially important when selling to international customers as the delivery expectations are individual in each country and connected to the right choice of the last mile carrier. From a logistic perspective it is therefore not only important to set up a cost-effective supply chain but also to vary last mile carriers. With our team of technology and logistic experts we continuously strive to expand our solution for both areas.

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Cost-effective Shipping

Coureon offers a solution tailored
to you and your customers for
worldwide shipping into 190 countires.

End-to-End Tracking

You and your customers can
conveniently track all shipments
using the multilingual Coureon
end-to-end tracking.

Convenient Returns

Manage your national and international
Returns through convenient interfaces
for you and your customers.


In the Coureon Business Solutions we consult, develop and implement cross-border logistic solutions
for large merchants and logistic partners on the foundation of our network:

1. Evaluation of the requirements and the goal

2. Suggestion of options based on preferences

3. Agreement on mutual roadmap

4. Technical & operational implementation of the solution

Customers and Logistics Partners

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